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Solar Panels for Flat Roofs in NYC

Solar Panels for Flat Roofs in NYC

What you need to know about solar panels for a flat roof in New York City

Solar Panels for Flat Roofs in NYC – At Solar Mentor, we’ve made it our mission to make panels on flat roofs accessible and affordable to residents in your area. We overcame challenges to build cutting-edge, New York City-specific methods of permits, design, and installation.

Throughout our research, we have learned much about why NY is an excellent location for panels. Eco-conscious homeowners thinking about installing flat roof panels in the City should familiarize themselves with these basics beforehand.

History of Flat-roof Solar Panels NYC

A common problem in urban areas is that companies have traditionally used installation practices and system designs initially intended for the suburbs.
Most flat-roofed residences in these areas are joined to other structures or close to them. Skylights, hatches, HVAC units, and FDNY-mandated escape routes are common barriers in such spaces.

These factors have always been considered insurmountable obstacles to PV power. NYC was thus left in limbo even as its suburbs experienced some of the most significant adoption rates in the country.

Rising electricity costs and a concern for the environment have contributed to a surge in demand in the City.

However, the City’s notoriously cumbersome permission bureaucracy, the unique challenges posed by flat roof buildings, and the stringent nature of construction and fire rules all worked together to slow the expansion of PV power in this region.


What to do if you Don’t Know Your Roof is Appropriate for Solar Panels NYC

Other installers have told many of our customers that their flat roof is inappropriate for residential installation, but we know better. It is the place to be if you have also heard this.

Our specialty is the design of energy systems for low-slope roof buildings, such as brownstones that are 100 years old or more. It is highly unusual for a city dwelling with a flat roof to be unable to benefit from PV energy, albeit there are a few requirements it must meet.

Considerations include:

  • the type of roof,
  • the amount of usable roof space,
  • and any potential shade.

However, you will need to have a qualified technician conduct a roof inspection to find out for sure. (We provide evaluations at no cost!)

There are many landmarked and historic homes in many Queens neighborhoods. NY City has some of the strictest historic preservation requirements anywhere, something the owner of one of these homes already knows. Many of our clients understandably worry that the City will frown upon them for installing futuristic technology in a home designated as a landmark. The use of panels on flat roofs is legal, but only if they are not visible from the street.


Flat-roof PV arrays and the resulting electricity generation

Some people believe that panels installed on a flat roof will not be as effective because of the roof’s lack of inclination toward the sun or because of shade from nearby buildings or trees. There are zero drawbacks to installing panels on a flat roof as opposed to a pitched or sloping one.

The system’s effectiveness and the amount of energy it may generate are unaffected by the fact that it may require various design considerations and equipment. If you want to get the most out of your panels, hiring an installation familiar with designing flat roof systems is essential.

A large portion of our clientele in Staten Island claims they have not paid Con Ed since the installation of their system. For many of our customers, the flat roof systems we install meet all their energy requirements.

Solar Panels for Flat Roofs in NYC

Finding the Best Installer: Steps to Take

Choosing the right company to work with is crucial for the success of any significant renovation project, including home renovations. It would help if you had a contractor that could produce excellent results while making the whole thing seem easy on the eyes.

Suppose you want the most excellent possible panel for your flat roof in NY. In that case, you need to choose an installer who is familiar with the intricacies of the City’s building laws and the processes required to obtain the necessary permits. We’ve structured our company from the ground up. We provide these services to each of our clients including in The Bronx, so please get in touch with us immediately on 718 374-2629 or visit our website.