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We Provide Full Service For Residential and Commercial Solar Energy. At Solar Mentor, our well-trained solar experts spend time practicing the best techniques and obtaining the most knowledge to ensure customer satisfaction

Maximize your business value while minimizing energy costs.

Enthusiast Solar Experts

Solar panel installation is carefully supervised by professionals, from layout, to structure, ensuring seamless operations.

We believe that every solar project is unique and requires an intensive approach to guarantee fulfillment and an outstanding quality of experience.

We customized every design and measured the highest energy yield possible. Our solar professionals take care of everything for a worry-free and satisfying customer experience.

What We do:

  • Zoning, Electrical, and Local Building Permits
  • Digital-Aid Design and Layout Strategies
  • Utility Interconnection
  • HOA Insights and Approval
  • Local or State Rebate Applications

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Custom Layout To Meet Unique Home Requirements

Once an appointment is set and a design is drawn, we offer quick installation wither residential or commercial properties depending on size.

Our professional solar panel installation staff have years of unveiling assistance in electrical and roofing to ensure you get the excellent solar panel installation service possible.


Why Trust Us? We Are The Best!

We work exclusively with the leading suppliers of solar panels and devices worldwide. Solar panel technology offered the competence to decrease electric bills with more significant perimeters.


We Take Care of Everything

We are taking pride to be one of the best and most reliable solar Installers with optimum experience and a thorough review of the solar industry.


Comprehensive System Details

Enables System Monitoring
Track power generation easily with energy usage and more on any device.

High Performing, Guaranteed Efficient
SunPower Solar Panels provides the highest efficiency available in the market, which guarantees to deliver more energy with less solar cells.

Investing in solar energy is an exciting and significant decision that will change and upgrade your home. It provides full control of the booming electricity bill.  From the design layout that matches your energy needs to a solar panel installation system, you enjoy more energy growth and increase savings without compromising your home electricity.


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