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Reliable and renewable energy from the leading experts in photovoltaic, and NYC solar panels installation, Solar Mentor remains committed to providing only the finest and highest quality solar energy for businesses and homeowners.

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At Solar Mentor, Our goal is to provide sustainable energy solutions, we offer a wide variety of solar products and services, including solar panel installation, photovoltaic power generation, and NYC solar panels maintenance services in New York and its surrounding areas.

We are a full-service solar company and our team of experts in the field can help guide you through any project, no matter how big or small. Above all we promise to be fully transparent with our pricing and the materials, we use to complete your project.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Focus  

Excellent customer satisfaction with premier quality performance, products, value, and consistency. We specialize in helping you save money on monthly energy bills through a high-performing solar panel system based on your unique needs.

In addition, our exceptional solar installation is top-notch in the solar industry, with over 25 years in engineering, design, installation, and consultation services for commercial and residential practices and techniques in New York and New Jersey.

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Whether this is your first time looking into solar panel installation or you’ve been researching the process for some time, get in touch with Solar Mentor today to find out how we can deliver nothing but the highest quality service that New York has to offer


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Solar Energy Services

We offer commercial and residential solar services in New York and New Jersey. In addition to the highest quality solar service, we also provide free energy services and efficiency evaluations. Check with us today and see how solar power can save you money!

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Solar Mentor provides excellent customer satisfaction with the highest quality products and the best customer support. Furthermore If you are looking for ways to save money through renewable energy. Save money monthly through renewable energy, then give us a call. Our dedicated solar specialists are eager to assist you and walk you through the procedure and provide all the necessary details you’ll need to learn about solar energy.


When it comes to expertise, we are the leader in design, construction, project development, financing, operations, and grid connections. That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing your solar energy project will exceed individual requirements and is administered correctly. As a business, investing in solar energy is a significant investment. It helps you achieve your maximum return target for energy investment.

We offer commercial and residential services in New York and New Jersey. In addition to the highest quality solar service, we also provide free energy services and efficiency evaluations. Check with us today and see how solar power can save you money!

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Our experienced solar consultant will investigate the facility to help us design the intelligent system which optimizes solar power options ideal for your building. The primary goal of this meeting is to help us better understand what you need and what we offer best for energy consumption to finance options beneficial for you.

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Everyone has unique needs, and your solar energy needs are different from other building’s needs. We take care of panel designs, equipment layouts, obtaining permits, and obtain permission from the local state, and ensure everything is taken care of and ready for installation!

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Once all prerequisites, financing, and permits are complete, solar panel installation begins. Expert solar power contractors that handle everything and make sure your solar energy is running smoothly.


The cost of solar panel installation varies depending on the size and type of installation. The average cost of solar panel installation in New York City is $25,000.

Solar panels are purchased on the open market through solar companies and retailers. However, there are many government grants and incentives that may be available to help contribute to the cost of installing solar panel systems

-Solar panel installation can provide you with a more reliable and cheaper power source than the grid.

-Installing solar panels on your roof may save you on average $3,000 a year in utility bills.

-Solar panels are environmentally friendly and do not release any emissions which is better for the environment.

-Solar panels are easy to maintain and produce little or no noise.

-The federal government offers a 30% tax credit for those who install solar panels.

  1. Cost
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. Renewable energy
  4. Energy Efficiency: Solar panels produce a lot of renewable energy. They do not use any fossil fuels, so they produce no carbon dioxide. On top of that, solar panels also use less electricity when they are set up properly.
  5. Renewable Energy: Solar panels provide a clean source of energy that

There are many contractors out there who are capable of installing solar panels. You should first decide whether you want an experienced contractor or a new contractor. You can find contractors in your area by going to the Department of Energy’s Find Local Contractors page.

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Professional Solar Panel Installation in New York, New York

SolarMentor is located at 137-01 70th Rd  Queens New York NY,  From John F. Kennedy International Airport Get on I-678 N from 130th Pl Head south on I-678 S Take then exit B toward 130th Pl, and then Keep right at the fork and merge onto 130th Pl, and then Turn right onto Bergen Rd At Federal Cir, take the 5th exit onto the I-678 ramp to Airport/NY-878/NY-27/Belt Pkwy, After that Take Exit 2 to Van Wyck Expy. Take exit 2 from I-678 N Merge onto I-678 N, and then take exit 2 toward Rockaway Blvd, after that Get on I-678 N and then Merge onto Van Wyck Expy then Take the I-678 N/Van Wyck Expwy ramp on the left to Whitestone Br/Bronx and then Follow I-678 N to 72nd Ave. Take exit 11 from I-678 N/Van Wyck Expy then Merge onto I-678 N then Keep right to continue on I-678 N/Van Wyck Expy, follow signs for Whitestone Brg and then Take exit 11 toward 69 Rd/Jewel Ave and then Take 136th St to 70th Rd, then Continue straight onto 72nd Ave and then Turn left onto 136th St then Turn right onto 70th Rd. Solar Mentor will be on the left.

Our hours of operation are Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For additional questions, you can call us at (718) 374-2629 or find us at Yelp.